Creative Business Cup – the world championship for creative entrepreneurs

    Από: Startup Team

Το Creative Business Cup είναι το “παγκόσμιο πρωτάθλημα” για δημιουργικούς νέους επιχειρηματίες. Ο διαγωνισμός “τρέχει” σε μία σειρά από χώρες και ο νικητής από κάθε χώρα θα διαγωνιστεί στη Δανία στις 18 Νοεμβρίου με έπαθλο το βραβείο των 50,000 δολαρίων. Ο τελικός με τους 10 φιναλίστ θα πραγματοποιηθεί στην Αθήνα στις 23 με 24 Νοεμβρίου.

Παρακάτω θα βρείτε όλες τις λεπτομέρειες για τους συμμετέχοντες και όλες τις εκδηλώσεις του διαγωνισμού:

The Creative Business Cup is the world championship for creative entrepreneurs. The Creative Business Cup runs in a number of countries. One winner from each country competes in the final in Copenhagen, Denmark on November 18th-20th for a prize of 50,000USD .  The 10 top finalists will compete live in Athens, Greece on November 23-24th. Read more to find out the prizes! To participate in the Creative Business Cup you must submit your business concept in 8-10 pages in word or PDF or a maximum of 10-12 PowerPoint slides.

What is a business concept?

A business concept is a short description of your company and a plan on how you will operate and develop it. The business concept should give a quick overview of the business model, organization and economics of the business.

The purpose of a business concept is to make your business more manageable – both for you, your advisors and potential investors. It can also help to convince the world around you, that you are serious in developing your own company. Remember that the business concept sometimes is partners and investors first encounter with your business, therefore you could explain why it is attractive to invest money in your business or to choose you as a partner. This means, that it is often better with a short business concept. In Creative Business Cup your business concept must not exceed 8-10 pages or 10-12 PowerPoint slides including an overview. No appendixes are allowed.

The contents of the business concept should – if possible – be based on facts, with references to relevant sources. It is important to support your claims with data describing e.g. market size and growth rates.

The business concept must include:

  • Front page with the name of company
  • Contact information and background information
  • An overview

We encourage participants to include the following elements:

  • Physical and organizational base for business
  • Description of product/service
  • Value propositions
  • Sales channels
  • Market and customers
  • Expected revenue streams
  • Key activities and cost structure
  • Key resources and partners


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