5 Free Google Analytics Dashboards That You Can Download Right Now

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Any social media specialist or digital marketing manager will tell you that the key to their success for their clients is data. We love data. We like to know how many unique visitors have visited our pages, what path they took to reach particular pages or what they typed into Google to find your website. The amount of data that is available about your website traffic is never ending but not many people know how we get all of the data.

Here is a hint, it takes about 5 minutes to set up and then it just collects the data automatically. Here are just a few of my favourite Google Analytics dashboards that you can download with a simple click of a button.

Please note that you should have a Google Analytics account and have installed the tracking code in the backend of your website before clicking the download links.

70 Facts About Visitors

5 Free Google Analytics Dashboards That You Can Download Right Now

This Google Analytics Dashboard is for those of you who really want to get an understanding of who the people are that are visiting your website. This is a fairly basic dashboard but for the uninitiated it is an ideal starting point.

This dashboard will give you the following data:

  • How many unique visitors?
  • In which country/territories do your visitors live? – Top 5
  • In which cities do your visitors live? – Top 5
  • Language preference settings of your visitors – Top 5
  • How many unique smartphone/tablet version?
  • Your visitors’ favourite mobile devices – Top 5
  • Brands of your visitors’ mobile/tablet device – Top 3
  • How many unique laptop/desktop visitors?
  • Your visitors’ favourite browsers
  • Your visitors’ screen resolution Top 10

Link: www.dashboardjunkie.com/visitor-facts-dashboard

SEO Dashboard

5 Free Google Analytics Dashboards That You Can Download Right Now

If you want to know how traffic is finding your site and what pages visitors are viewing due to their search results then this dashboard is a must. There is a minor amount of editing on this dashboard, so keep an eye out for any areas that say “EDIT”. You will need to click on the pencil icon when you hover over the widget and then where is says company name type in your company name.

This dashboard includes:

  • Total organic visits
  • Organic Non Brand Visits
  • Source of organic visits
  • Top non brand keywords (visits & conversions)
  • All organic visits
  • pages per visit by organic keyword
  • Top SEO landing pages (Organic non brand visits and goals)
  • Top organic landing pages
  • Top organic keywords &% of bounce visit
  • Best organic landing pages – goal completions and conversion rate
  • Most successful keywords by goals

Link: www.koozai.com/blog/analytics/brightonseo-quickfire-analytics-7-freebies-in-7-minutes

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