How to Create a Tailored Web Marketing Plan for Your Small Business

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It is in the best interest of every business owner to have a good web marketing strategy. However, the truth is that even with the greatest efforts, many business owners do not achieve the result they want when it comes to their websites. In order for a website to appear high in search engine results, there are series of steps website owners must make. Unfortunately, many are not dancing to the song of success, making a series of wrong steps as far as good web marketing is concerned. Therefore, we will here give you a few tips on how to create a tailored web marketing plan for your small business.

What should you do in order for your website to rank high in search?

Find Your Keywords!

How to Create a Tailored Web Marketing Plan for Your Small Business

Firstly and most importantly, you need to select a keyword you want your website to rank for. This is the most basic research you’ll have to do, aside from competitive and market research. This can be done through 3 simply steps:

  • Brainstorm a list of keywords and related phrases your prospect might use when searching online for the products and/or services you provide. Make the list as comprehensive as possible. Later, you will narrow it down using different screening factors.
  • Use Adwords. This keyword tool is a great resource for finding new phrases with high commerciality. Copy your list and upload it to Adwords Planner (join and log in). Add more keywords to your list to make it even more comprehensive. Look at the monthly search volume for each one of your keywords. Now, you have one long list of potential keywords and for each one of them you have the monthly search volume.

Select your keywords.

How to Create a Tailored Web Marketing Plan for Your Small Business

Start narrowing the list down by first eliminating all the keywords that have small search volume and no search volume at all. Later, take out all the keywords that imply information or noncommercial search, such as:














Case study


That’s it, now you have the final list of keywords you should go after.

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