Startup Activation Berlin – Δύο Νικητές, 30,000€ έκαστος! (άρθρο στα αγγλικά)

    Από: Startup Team


The first of a series of events by Outreach Programme will be Startup Activation Berlin 2013, an idea contest to support entrepreneurs and early-stage startups in the EU countries outside its established EIT ICT Labs network.

A final event will take place in Berlin on November 25, where two winners will go home with 30,000€ each. In addition, all attending finalists will receive a small prize.


We invite individuals or early stage startups to submit their idea. To participate, please fill in this submission form and email the completed form to by 23 October 2013.

Be concise but try to give the evaluators a clear idea of the workings, impact and market potential of your idea. Avoid weblinks and attachments, which might not be reviewed. Send in your application early to avoid the deadline rush.

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