Access MBA – Διαγωνισμός βίντεο (άρθρο στα αγγλικά)

    Από: Startup Team

Doing an MBA is an important step in one’s life and career. Naturally, everyone has their own personal vision about themselves when making this life changing decision. For almost 10 years now, Access MBA has been relentlessly helping candidates find the right school and programme for them. We would now like to invite candidates, students or alumni to share through this video their personal MBA experience or just their MBA dream.

Make a video

Tell us how you see yourself before and after getting your MBA degree. Create a video of up to 3 minutes depicting your current situation and how you think getting a business degree will change, is changing or has changed your life. Be creative – you can use animation, pictures, text, video footage, interviews, music, and other audiovisual means of expression. Work on your own or assemble a team; do it at home, or outside – your choice as long as it’s fun for everyone.

Send it to us

Access MBA will collect the videos produced till midnight on November 4, 2013. You can send the original video files to along with an Entry form with your contacts, video title and description. Access MBA’s team will review the videos and upload them by November 7, 2013 on the contest page

Popularise it

Once your video has been uploaded on the contest page and Access MBA’s YouTube channel you can share it with your friends and make it popular. The three videos that get the most views will be awarded one of our prizes. You can popularise the videos on social networks, blogs, by e-mail and other media you have access to till noon on February 10, 2014 when the contest ends and the Access MBA team will see the number of views for each video.

Get awarded

Access MBA will keep the contest page and the videos on it and popularise them through their social media channels all over the world. Each video will have 3 months to collect as many views as possible. The video that collects most views on Access MBA’s YouTube channel counter will be awarded the first prize of 1000 Euro. The video that collects the second highest view count will get a prize of 700 Euro and the third one will be awarded with 300 Euro. The minimum amount of views to compete for a prize will be 1000 views. A BONUS of 500 Euro to the winner of the first prize will be given if the awarded video has collected over 5000 views. The winners will be announced on the Access MBA website on February 12, 2013 and contacted by e-mail to arrange the details for receiving the prize.

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