How to beat the “lost generation” destiny & create your own future

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HeySuccess & ThinkBiz present

Sessions: Beat “the lost generation” destiny & create your own future

(practical and inspirational guide on how to utilize your 20s – the most crucial part of your life)


(will be conducted in Greek)

I – G 21 STARTER: This inspirational session will open your eyes and make you see how lucky we are to be young in the 21st Century.

After this session, young people will:

Have a completely new positive and optimistic insight and outlook about their studies and a crucial aspect of their life which, until now, they have thought has counted against them, their young age.
They will be inspired by my personal story: how I’ve come from a poverty-stricken country and ended up appearing on CNN and meeting President Bill Clinton not once but twice, meeting the CEO of the 2004 Athens Olympics, travelling the world – often with all expenses paid. I will prove to them that anyone can do it!
For the first time, they will get an insight into the literally unlimited opportunities which our 21st
Century has to offer them.
They will be given clear answers to the question: Why have so many young people stopped believing in their amazing inborn talents?
The practical part of the Coaching will include step-by-step guidelines and clear advice on how to overcoming fear and self-limitations. Attendees will learn the principles and importance of goal-setting and learn how to always stay motivated.

II – DO IT SESSION: what else you will be able during your four years at college (extra-curricular activities, internships, scholarships, student events, gaining real life skills and experience…);

After this session, young people will:

Form a complete understanding of what those unlimited opportunities are and how they can utilize it to create their own dream future during their studies.
How learning is far more than merely memorizing textbook facts and then promptly forgetting them after exams. Where to find that useful and real life knowledge?
Practical principles and guides on how to write a concrete, stand-out application for scholarships, for attending student conferences, for competitions, etc.
Learn how to write effective cover letters (over 90% of students are doing this completely wrong!).
Learn some other tricks for sending out successful applications.
Learn how to raise funds for those instances when they will need sponsors to help them cover costs for educational trips abroad.
Learn how to deal with rejections and to never give up!


Milenko was born in a poverty-stricken, war-ravaged country in Europe, where he finished his high school education and first year of university studies. But his belief that he should do more with his array of talents persuaded him to look further afield and eventually brought Milenko to Greece, where he received a full scholarship for studies from the Greek government.
But then he realized that he was one of millions of students who would graduate in a few years’ and find themselves unemployed. Milenko wanted to change that and do something against that usual fate! He remained preoccupied with the question: “Why do so many young people lose their creative energy, optimism and remain unemployed in this age of literacy and unprecedented unlimited opportunity?” After reading one book authored by Brian Tracy, his life changed completely. He discovered a whole new world of opportunities and travelled to over 21 countries spanning four continents where Milenko attended various student events and internships at no cost. (his divorced parents could not afford to send me on those journeys.)
Milenko’s experience of traveling to various countries at four continents, meeting some of the most famous personalities today and young people from over 150 countries helped him to develop the Generation 21 Coaching! Milenko is showing to young people that we are living in the best part of the human history and he is teaching them practically how they can utilize all those opportunities around us…and of course get rid of that awful “lost generation” destiny which media, politicians and academia do not stop bombing young people every day.
Last but not least, the best proof that this simple system works! Milenko even got a job offer in Greece – a country which suffers from a youth unemployment rate of 62% – without even having an EU passport!


“The best sessions I ever attended, mixing the experience and the practical side, giving the chance to the audience to imagine and touch the success you are talking about!”
Faris, Jordan.

“My life changed after applying those simple principles! I won a business plan competition in my city and got accepted for a highly competitive internship in Austria!”
Dyonisis, Greece.

“I did not have any hope for my future! I was thinking that’s it, I will be unemployed after all the efforts I’d put into my studies! But then Generation Twenty One literally opened my eyes to so many opportunities and, more importantly, showed me how I can deal with those stupid fears and pessimism! Thank you, Milenko!” Marija, Serbia.

“I had no idea about any of those wonderful opportunities before, but now I’m changing everything! You did magnificently!”
Daria, Russia.

“Simply life-changing!” David, USA.

“This session is useful and practical. Because it is based on real experience, I am sure this Generation Twenty One Coaching will change the lives of millions of students globally”.
Liu Yang, China.

“I would make this compulsory on the very first day of university!” Juliana, Brasil.

“Whenever I applied those Milenko’s tips and principles in my applications, I got selected. Although I am from a small University from Bosnia, I travelled to many international conferences in USA, Germany, Serbia…Thank you Milenko”
Dalila, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Only a Sky is the Limit!


Αίθουσα 802 – Κτίριο Μεταπτυχιακών ΟΠΑ (8ος Όροφος)
Ευελπίδων 47Α & Λευκάδος 33, Αθήνα

Δευτέρα 4/11/13 13:00-15:00

Registration: Facebook event