Mission “GloVo.con”: Accomplished!

    Από: Startup Team

Almost 30 days after GloVo’s most important event for 2013, everything seems different. We successfully entered Season IIwith glory, passion, happiness and love in our hearts. 3 exciting days, 10 impactful sessions, 150 unique attendees,4 volunteer service actions and 1 victorious goal. This is what happened on 4-6 October at the HUB Athens. But the most interesting question about all this, is “How?”. This is why we asked two of our most amazing and faithful GloVo supporters, Vasilis Mouskas and Nikos Foros, to help us see, through their eyes, what really happened there.

So let’s start:

Day 1 – Introducing GloVo and Networking… the funny way!

Mission “GloVo.con”: Accomplished!

“The first day of GloVo.con was a day of joy and great enthusiasm to make everything happen. Seing so many people you ‘ve worked with being excited about GloVo’s next steps, was the best feedback for all the work you have done. Also, there was nothing more inspiring than meeting new volunteers being thrilled about becoming members of our GloVohood! Participants were talking to each other, laughing, getting to know each other through team building games and everybody was preparing for a great second day.”

Day 2 – Understanding, Playing, Learning and Partying!

Mission “GloVo.con”: Accomplished!

“The second day of GloVo.con was a spark of knowledge and connectivity with the external environment and our co-participants. Experienced speakers shared their expertise through interactive presentations and made all of us understand the big number and variety of opportunities that are out there. We learnt, we connected, we communicated thoughts ideas and generated them into valuable solutions and actions! A day like this could not end in a better way, than a fully entertaining party, where we danced a lot and celebrated GloVo’s 1st birthday at the Loukoumi Bar.”

Day 3 – Volunteerism at its best!

Mission “GloVo.con”: Accomplished!

“The 3rd day was full of volunteering actions around Athens, something that fascinated us! We sensed an amazing power coming from the volunteers, while they were planting trees along with the “SynAthina” team and turning the center of Athens green. Collaborating with “We Cook For Good” and cooking  and delivering meals to homeless and poor people was the best cooking experience of our lives. Also capturing people’s thoughts and lives in Athens into tape, “fixing city errors” and cleaning the mountain of Ymittos, after having met the “Time for Action” team and the firefighters of Vuronas, gave us so much strength to continue our good work. The day ended with everyone talking about our next steps, sharing our common passion of giving without asking for something back and of course partying at “TGI Fridays” more excited than ever.

All in all, those 3 days were more than priceless for us. And it was not because we brought together almost 200 passionate human beings and accomplished some volunteer actions. It was about creating a strong community of young, passionate and energetic people who are willing to sacrifice time and effort, in order to turn this world into a better place. And we believe GloVo.con was just the beginning! We are definitely sure that all this love, positive energy, commitment and values that were created through those 3 intensive days, will guide us in our vision to redefine volunteerism and transform it into a powerful wave of positive change for the society.

But before we wish “Until next time!” and move on, let us share with you (what else?)… the official post-GloVo.con movie! Enjoy!

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