Greece’s Emerging Travel Start-ups: Part 2

    Από: Startup Team

by Theoharis Mihailidis

Last week, I spoke about the ever growing ecosystem of technology startups on the rise in Greece (mostly Athens). Here are four travel search engines emerging from Greece to add to the mix.



is a travel recommendation engine for those who are not sure where they want to go or where they want to stay. It uses technology to collect data from the web about tens of thousands of destinations, hotels and holidays and then uses algorithms to rank them and build its recommendations according to the users’ interests. Travelmyth is privately funded by its founders and will launch a private beta just in time for the World Travel Market in November 2013 in London.


is a hotel search engine that aims to reduce the time needed to find accommodation from hours to minutes. Most people spend anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours when looking for a hotel; TripTao wishes to reduce that time to only a few minutes, using advanced mathematical algorithms and an interface geared towards supporting the decision process. The current, self-funded, version of TripTao is using the hotel inventory of (350.000 hotels worldwide), to get quick ideal hotel matches for travellers. Future plans include significant additions such as personalisation and flight search; which will require external funding.

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