The Best Lessons From Steve Jobs

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The day has come. We had to feature Steve Jobs in our “The Best Lessons From” and here we are. Steve Jobs is the most remarkable Entrepreneur of the last thirty years. A guy without a degree, with strange and particular interests, who had as a friend a great engineer with who he was able to build the most valuable company in the world with the best brand. Steve has taught us that Thinking Different was part of the game and innovation is led by those who can see the future in the present.

Steve Jobs doesn’t even need introductions from us. He was the Co-Founder of Apple, Next and Pixar. Two companies that have changed the way we lived and watched animation movies. Although he didn’t have a technical background, a gap which was, at first, filled by his friend Steve Wozniak, he knew what design meant and what people wanted. Entrepreneurs don’t need to be technical in order to create beautiful things, they just have to make sure to be surrounded by the right people. That’s why Jobs got in touch with Jonathan Ive, the guy behind the latest Apple’s designs.

What really impressed me about Jobs’ work was the ability to come back at Apple and make it beautiful again. It’s not that easy to turn an almost dead company in the most valuable in the world. However if the right people are there, if the brand is still cool, you are definitely a couple steps ahead. Even though he got fired by his own company, he didn’t give up and founded a similar company, Next, which was developing a different technology that was later acquired by Apple. Although he made thousands of things that we should talk about, I guess the focus on design is what really gave Jobs the possibility to build a sustainable brand and that is what we should look at if we want to understand Jobs.

He made Apple’s products cool. A MacBook isn’t just a computer, it’s something you like at glance.

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