Founders Story: The scienceful case of Sophicus

    Από: Startup Team


The 2/3 of the Sophicus team (Dora on the left and Lucie on the right) explain their amazing project during an interview for, during their visit in Silicon Valley.

Sophicus is a Greek startup founded by Nikos, Dora and Lucie, individuals with I.T., design and scientific studies background. Their mission is to boost the opportunities for and elevate the work of every researcher in the world: to build a bridge with the public so that researchers connect with their audience, exchange among themselves, attract resources, and create a collective voice around the value of their research.

“The idea of Sophicus was born early in 2013. We were driven by a belief that those who have the greatest impact in this world, scientists, are not being recognized by the public for their hard research work. Think about cancer research, underwater exploration, biology, all these disciplines drive progress and enhance our understanding of the world we live in. We want to support the work of thousands and create an easy outreach for every scientist who is willing to share his work with the rest of us.” says Lucie.

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