Tinder, You Know What’s Cool?

    Από: Startup Team

Πηγή greatpreneurs.com

Tinder was one of our top five startups in 2013 and after a couple of months, it’s even getting more interesting than what we thought. As the founders have said, there are more than 600 million ratings and 6 million matches a day. In the last 60 days, Tinder has grown its user base by one million in Uk, Brazil and USA. A simple concept, that is so close to what Facemash was supposed to be, has turned to be disruptive in an app.

Tinder feels less awkward. People are judged but they don’t know when or how. They just know if someone that they like has liked them. The concept is simple and smooth and the user engagement is amazing. The guys at Tinder know what it’s really cool in the world of startups.

“A million dollar valuation isn’t cool. Do you know what’s cool?”

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