The 50 most exciting lean hardware startups in Europe

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All over Europe, we’ve witnessed a growing number of lean hardware companies popping up, trying to change the way you automate your home and appliances, keep track of your fitness, record memories, monitor air quality, lock doors and bikes, and about a million other things. Hardware may or may not be the new software, depending on who you ask, but an increasing number of entrepreneurs are jumping into the hardware (+ software) space, thanks to the rising speed and flexibility of the manufacturing supply chain, and the decline in costs and risk.

It’s one of the more interesting trends we’re keeping track of here at, but it’s quite a daunting task to keep track of so many projects and companies being started in such a wide range of European countries.

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The 50 most exciting lean hardware startups in Europe

Because the continent of Europe is terribly fragmented, in more ways than one, and for a host of other reasons, there are few publications that have attempted to cover the European tech industry as a whole, let alone in depth.

To wit, it’s a daunting challenge and the obvious needs of the various ecosystems across the continent are currently met only by local (English-language or not) blogs and news sites, and larger publications that tend to scratch only the surface, focusing mainly on the happenings in major hubs such as London, Berlin, Paris, Helsinki, Stockholm and Tel Aviv. read more here