Lead UI/UX designer at NETROBE

    Από: Startup Team

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You’ll lead the design direction of Netrobe, including web and mobile design, editorial and branding. Design is probably the most important aspect of our work, so you’ll work closely with the product development team.

You will be involved in every aspect of the product development and design process; conducting user research, designing and improving new and existing product features, user interfaces, and user experiences for our website and iOS app.

About Netrobe

Netrobe is a leading fashion social network and wardrobe management tool, loved by passionate users worldwide.

Netrobe has been featured in leading tech and fashion publications worldwide and rated as number 1 lifestyle application in Brazil, Japan and Russia.

Netrobe’s team consists of passionate people in love with the power of technology, social media, fashion and design. Our aim is to help people dress better, in order to feel happier, more confident and more ready for the life they dream of.

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