Communications & PR Trainee at incrediblue

    Από: Startup Team


book unique boats directly from their owners. By integrating the 3 key industries of Internet, Travel & Nautical Tourism, we are busting the myth that boating is only for the rich and famous. We’re an innovation driven, committed and fun to be around team, where every contribution, no matter how little or big, counts. With growth comes great responsibility, so we are looking for skilled and excited professionals to join our team. As with all incrediblue team members, we’re looking for someone who takes pride in their entrepreneurial spirit, discipline, proactivity, guerilla mindset and great teamwork skills. That’s us!

The Communications & PR Trainee position, reporting directly to the CEO, is a very exciting role for a young, talented graduate with exceptional writing & communication skills. As you will create, implement, track and optimize content-related actions based on our plan, this position requires studies in Communications or PR. Upon the end of the Trainee program you will be evaluated and be given the chance to join Full-time at the next organizational level.

A day-to-day view of the role includes the following:

  • Write content Newsletters, Press Releases, and more
  • Distribute our content across media
  • Handle Media inquiries, Blogger relationships and more
  • Manage email marketing campaigns including writing and reporting
  • Design seasonal, event-based and offer-based promotions

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