Open Coffee Athens hosts Sharing Economy Greece – What is the Sharing Economy and why should you care?

    Από: Startup Team


The next Open Coffee Athens is a special one: April Rinne, Chief Strategy Officer at Collaborative Lab is giving a keynote on the global and local Sharing Economy – also starring leading Sharing Economy startups like Airbnb, Cookisto, Dopios, Easybike, Incrediblue and Locish on March 28, 2014 at 7 pm.

Sharing is not a new idea but with new online and mobile technology the so called ‘sharing economy’ has risen and continues to thrive. At the same time, consumer attitudes are changing towards sustainable lifestyles. With the help of technology everyone with access to the internet can now share products and services with others. Sharing Economy marketplaces connect communities all over the world and build trusted ecosystems which are the basis of sharing. Trust has become the new online currency. Users who participate in this new economy can build their own online reputation and interact with other like-minded users to exchange goods and services. Often, online interactions become offline experiences between people who would not have met each other otherwise.

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