“Metavallon has helped more than 100 aspiring entrepreneurs make their dreams come true”

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On 23 February 2014 Alexandra Choli discussed the amazing story of Metavallon with journalist Sylvia Klimaki on SKAI Television.

It is not often that a program on the most distinguished TV station invites you to talk about your work and explain to people how they can benefit from your services. And it is rather a privilege when this is a top quality TV program airing on Sunday afternoons and presenting the stories of some of the energetic people – those who truly Do things, create, innovate, become leaders and often bring positive change.

This TV program is called “Stin Praxi” -meaning “In Action”, “Implementing”- is presented by the restless journalist Sylvia Klimaki, who has been bringing and spreading some of the most remarkable stories on the screen. Sylvia took the initiative to invite Metavallon’s founder, Alexandra Choli, for an interview, as part of her unceasing pursue to unveil even more such stories.

The wonderful mission of helping people build valuable ventures

Sylvia Klimaki initiated the interview explaining that the word Metavallon actually means “To φέρον αλλαγή”, in English “The bringing of change”. Then it was Alexandra’s turn to talk about her personal background and explain the core mission of Metavallon, which is “to provide early stage entrepreneurs with a supportive structure to develop, launch and solidify their ventures”.

So far we have helped more than 100 aspiring entrepreneurs, yet true to the global statistics only a 10% of them persist and move on to build a business” she explained. The hidden truth behind this: even the remaining 90% attests to having received invaluable knowledge and have developed skills that they have been using ever since – from their daily work to even the realization of a different idea!

Alexandra was then asked to describe the actual ways through which Metavallon helps entrepreneurs. For that she described Metavallon’s three-tier program in brief and dived into the keypoints of The Lab and The Accelerator(applications now open!).

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