Job Opportunity: Front – End/Web Developer

    Από: Startup Team

Frontend/Web Developer  ­ Thessaloniki (Greece)

We believe that small but great businesses are the true professionals and the glue of local society. Book’n’Bloom is a smart new tool for those 100+ millions  of  small  but  great  appointment­based  businesses  around  the world that are working hard everyday to grow and stay competitive. This  online tool  gives  small  businesses  instant access to a number of features in order to help them run their day­to­day business, and at the same time attract new customers and care for their loyal customers ­ but­ without the hard­to­use, expensive and time­consuming set­up!

Book  ‘n’  Bloom  gives to clients of SMBs the ability to interact with the business in multiple ways ­ via their Facebook page, website or  mobiles everything  is  integrated  into  the  same  system,  giving  flexibility  and accessibility.

The Developer will work on a project, based on a number of web technologies including javascript, html, css, php and social media interaction. Knowledge of Drupal  CMS is  essential.  He/she will be responsible for the maintenance and expansion of various frontends and sites. The developer needs to have a keen eye for detail and care for compliance with modern technologies. There will be a training  period  during  which  the developer  will learn how the systems and the technologies employed function work together as a whole.

Experience with Google API is a plus.

To  apply  for  this  job  position,  please  send  a  cover  letter  and  CV  in English  with  “Frontend/Web  Developer”  in  the  subject  line  to