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Hosting Metavallon workshops, co-organizing unique learning initiatives for entrepreneurs (the most recent one being the first Greek MOOC), and sharing personal insights and expertise, the team of the ALBA Graduate Business School at The American College of Greece has been a true-hearted Partner of Metavallon from the very early days.

Back in 2011 Metavallon was arising and under launch. Emerging from the United States, the initiative was still being positioned within the Greek entrepreneurial scene and making its initial contacts as a purposeful organization. AHEAD (ALBA Hub for Enterprise and Development) executives, in tune with developments as always, unearthed the news about the upcoming startup incubation and acceleration programs and reached out to connect and explore synergies. Driven by common values and vision, the team of the ALBA Graduate Business School at The American College of Greece have become vital Partners, contributing both through knowledge and insights and through value-adding solutions when needed.

A mentor like no other

The Director of AHEAD, Alexis Komselis, is a member of Metavallon’s network of experts and mentors from the very beginning of this partnership. His deep knowledge in and enthusiasm about entrepreneurship and his unique ability to share this expertise have made him extremely popular among venturers and program participants.

We noticed from the very beginning that our program participants were absolutely engaged with Alexis’ ability to provide valuable feedback and inspire them. We are proud to have Experts like this in our network”, said Emilia Nathanail, Program Director at Metavallon.

A trusted home for workshops and pitch days

Metavallon’s programs include a series of workshops and demo days. While we organized some workshops at our Hub, we sought to help our venturers draw inspiration from other spaces and organizations as well.

The downtown Campus of ALBA turned out to be a lively site with exceptionally easy access and all available amenities. We visited the Campus mostly during the weekly workshops of our winter cycle of The Lab, our globally unique program helping individuals turn their business ideas into ventures, as well as for several of our launch and demo day events. And we are excited to be part of ALBA’s mission to facilitate and empower initiatives and events that strengthen and grow our rising entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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