Call for Pitches!!! by: Venture Growth Partners and Maastricht School of Management Romania

    Από: Startup Team

Venture Growth Partners and Maastricht School of Management Romania are inviting early stage startups to their next startup pitching session. The pitching session will take place on Thursday, June 5th, from 15.00 until 18.00 (10 minutes presentations and 10 minutes Q&A). Deadline for submission of the completed application questionaire is May 26th. Any early stage start-up with a promising product or service is eligible to apply by then and be considered for final selection to present their pitches in the June 5 finals. Applying start-ups must already have something beyond an idea on a slide, i.e. a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and/or having incorporated and have started their work towards their product/service. Having already some customers would be a great advantage. They should also already have a well thought road-to-market plan and/or a business plan ready to present and defend.

For successful pitches, early stage Angel investors from the CEE region can make available up to 40k EUR funding as well as coaching, mentoring or training. The investing Angels can also bring on board a very impressive professional network spanning the entire region which can help the startup teams grow their business concurrently in several countries. The panel will consist of 6-8 experienced Angels with investments in the CEE and or SE Europe. All presentations are to be held in English either in person or over the internet.

This initiative is part of a series events for early stage angel investments. We look forward to meeting individual entrepreneurs and startup teams to help them realize their vision and dreams.

For interested teams, passionate about their product or service and aspiring to grow their business fast, please contact us at (Andra Pătru) in order to receive the application questionnaire.