Building European Success Stories for Rising Greek Startups – Coming to Athens on May 22

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Purposeful events can be windows to great opportunities for startups – and Spring is certainly the right time to take advantage of such. To strengthen our bridges with the European market, we are teaming up with Trento RISE, a leading Italian organization that promotes ICT as a path to transforming peoples’ lives, and are presenting our first joint opportunity event: Building European Success Stories for Rising Greek Startups.

In Athens for the first time, Trento RISE will bring in international guests and offer a kickstart to attending Greek startups towards the EIT ICT Labs Outreach Program (of the European Institute of Innovation & Technology). This initiative aims to help Greek startups become familiar with the European market mentality, on innovation and on entrepreneurship, and will take place on Thursday May 22nd, kindly hosted at the premises of ALBA Graduate Business School at The American College of Greece.

Helping Greek startups realize their own potential towards innovation

Focused in the ICT sector, this impact-oriented event is addressed to rising Greek startups that wish to channel and expand their ventures across Europe.

Renowned speakers of the Italian and European entrepreneurial ecosystem will be presenting opportunities of EIT ICT Labs for start-ups in Greece, including a sponsored trip to the co-location centre in Trento and discussion of issues such as the business development on an international level.

In brief, participating startups will greatly benefit from:

  • Practicing their pitch in front of people who have extensive experience on empowering start-ups.
  • Winning a mentoring session with Fabio Carati, Strategic Business Developer from EIT ICT Labs.
  • Increasing their chances by winning extra points to travel to Trento for a unique international training and networking session at “TechPeaks – The People Accelerator” with visiting mentors Andy Parsons, Vitaly Golomb and Vito Lomele. During the session in Trento, specific teams will get a chance to win 70.000 euros.
  • Joining one of the first Knowledge and Innovation Communities set up by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, as an initiative of the European Union.
  • Getting familiar with other opportunities offered by EIT ICT Labs like Business Idea Challenge.

The EIT ICT Labs Outreach program aims at sharing best practices in ICT across Europe and contributing to the creation and further development of innovative startups by building strong ties with the rapidly growing European ICT community.

Register now to take part in the event and even the opportunity to pitch your startup.

The Registration Process

1. Need to register by May 15th. Need to submit their presentations (in pdf) by May 18th through (subject: “Rising Greek Startups”).

Only startups that meet this submission will present.

2. There will be 5-minute pitches with additional 5 minute feedback

3. There will be 8 pitches in 2 slots (four starting at 19:10 + four starting at 20:45)

4. The select startups (there will be a priority list if the number exceeds 8) will be notified via e-mail by May 20th

5. The presenting startups will get the benefits mentioned in the eventbrite page :

  • Extra points when applying to the call to visit Trento

  • Extra skype mentoring sessions with Fabio Carati

  • Getting feedback to their work from a greek and international audience of experts and entrepreneurs.

Attendants : Please register by May 21st

The Extra Benefits

Startups presenting at the event will get extra points when applying to the call to visit Trento PLUS extra skype mentoring sessions with Fabio Carati.

Startups visiting Trento, will also get extra points when applying to an Outreach Programme call with cash prizes of up to 70k€ to be published by the end of 2014!

The Agenda

18:00 Welcome & Registrations

18:20 Presentation of event agenda

18:30 On EIT ICT Labs & on the Future of Innovation – Roberto Saracco, EIT ICT Labs Trento node Director (incl. Q&A)

19:10 Startup pitching (First group + Feedback from panel)

19:50 Business Development Accelerator: building European success stories and opportunities for start-ups -Fabio Carati, Developer from EIT ICT Labs (incl. Q&A)

20:10 Coffee Break

20:25 Greek entrepreneurship: The international approach – Theodore Moulos, i-docs (incl. Q&A)

20:45 Startup pitching (Second group + Feedback from panel)

21:25 Outreach Program: looking back in 2013, looking at 2014 and beyond – Aleksandra Parcinska, International Community Developer from Trento RISE & TechPeaks

21:40 Mingling & Networking time!

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