The “Funded” | Greek Startups with Seed/VC Investments

    Από: Startup Team


This is the list of some Greek startups that have been funded (seed or VC level) in the last months, according to online published information.

1. Taxibeat. Received 1M E. Source: Here

2. Schoox. Received 1M USD from a 2M USD planned investment. Source:

3. Incrediblue. Received 100k E, from Openfund II. Source: Openfund

4. WorkableHR. Received 600k E, from Openfund II. Source: Openfund

5. Bugsense. Received 100k USD. On the road for 400k USD. Update: Not anymore as Bugsense is cash positive now. Source:Here

6. ParkingDefenders. Received 15k from Aegean Startups. Source: Here

7. Pinnatta. Received two Rounds, one of 350k USD and one of 100kUSD. Sources: Here and Here

8. Athens Daily Secret. Raised 1.85m USD. Source: Here

10. Intelen: Raised 250k USD. Source: Here

11. Spitogatos: Raised 750kE. Source: Here (funding took place three years ago)

12. Listiki: Raised Seed Level Funding from Openfund I. Listiki shut down its operations on 30.11.2012. Source: Here

13. Fashinating: Raised 3okE from Openfund I and 65kE from Angel Investors. Source: Here

14. Kamibu: Raised 50kE from Openfund I. Source: Here

15. Abzorba Games: Raised €250,000 from UK in 2012

16. Epignosis,  and, eLearning, 2003, 700K, Profitable. Source: Dimitris Tsigos
17. MVNS, Mobile games, 2008, 480K, Profitable. Source: Dimitris Tsigos
18. Flipnode, Unified communications, 2009, 920K, Break-even. Source: Dimitris Tsigos
19. Insurance Manager, Cloud-enabled Business Software, 2010, 280K, Break-even. Source: Dimitris Tsigos
20. VerITA, Digital Signage, 2009, 280K, Break-even. Source: Dimitris Tsigos
21. Diagramma, Cloud-enabled Business Software, 2010, 280K, In R&D. Source: Dimitris Tsigos
22. S4Trips, Travel – Booking mediation services, 2010, 220K, In R&D. Source: Dimitris Tsigos
23. IT Center, IT support stores for SMEs, 2007, 500K, Failure. Source: Dimitris Tsigos
24. NGLS, eLearning services, 2006, 180K, Failure. Source: Dimitris Tsigos
25. Infomap, GIS, 2006, 320K, Failure. Source: Dimitris Tsigos
26. TS Consulting,  Business & IT Consulting, 2007, 220K, Failure. Source: Dimitris Tsigos

This is not a complete list of course – feel free to contribute!