Orange Grove supporting Metavallon to shape the future of Greek startups

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According to Wikipedia: “ecosystems are defined by the network of interactions among organisms, and between organisms and their environment”.  Well, this type of balance is exactly what we at Metavallon are working on in order to improve and further develop the entrepreneurial ecosystem here in Greece and are thus empowering startups in the most holistic and potent way.

It is balance and collaboration that breeds achievements

Orange Grove has officially joined us as our Program Supporter for The Accelerator, adding a set of exceptional perks. Startup teams participating in the program are offered with:

–         Working space for 6 months

–         Workshop and meetup space to engage with our network

–         Private rooms for one-to-one sessions and meetings

Adding value in the life of startups

Our collaboration between Metavallon and Orange Grove was announced only a few days before the final deadline for The Accelerator on April 30. What followed was an overwhelming response from our community. Numerous applicants expressed their excitement about the chance they were given to join the workplace of this wonderful entrepreneurial facility and to meet with other dynamic ventures. They were equally excited with the opportunity to become more familiar with the Dutch mentality on entrepreneurship and connect to the Dutch startup ecosystem. This are certainly insights useful to all startup founders aiming at the global market.

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