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Us is the result of someone going “Wouldn’t it be good if we had an inventory of Greek startups?” one night on Twitter. A couple of people signed on the idea immediately, a few more over the next couple of days and that got the ball rolling. One bought the domain and offered hosting, another set up and customised a Drupal installation, a third did the graphic design and everyone contributed to how it would all be set up. And here we are!


The result is an open not-for-profit website with the ambitious goal of tracking startups in Greece – small and flexible teams of entrepreneurs with an ambitious and innovative idea, and perhaps not much more. Initially, the focus is in the fields of innovative technology – in particular, the internet and software but also microelectronics and biotechnology. We aim to become a reference point for the whole startup community in Greece by providing a constantly update and an as complete as possible list of all the startups out there along with basic information about their status, activities, founders etc.


We also believe that once the website becomes definitive of what Greece has to offer it will also become the starting point for foreign technology enthousiasts, entrepreneurs, possible collaborators and funders – hence the selection of English as our language. The time has come to show off to the world what’s been going on inside the country.


But to make it we need the help of the existing community. is an open project where everyone is encouraged to contribute. Whether you know of a cool startup or you have just founded one or working in an already mature project, we’d like you to submit it. Just take 10 minutes of your time and let the entire community and the rest of the world know about your favourite project.

You, again is a work in progress: we are constantly adding features and correcting stuff. We aim to keep it a simple service that does well one thing: indexing the Greek startup community. If however, you find something that is not working as intended or you have an idea for an improvement or a suggestion, let us know here:)

Join and let a thousand startups bloom! - εσείς είστε μέσα?