The Art of Storytelling in 21st Century

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We attended on 22nd of July a seminar characterized of its fantasy and creativity!

The Strorytelling Workshop on the small picturesque alley of Karaiskaki in the centre of Athens  was about to give us a sweet taste in our afternoon  inside the world of myths!

Lioubi Karageorgou, Lida Tsene and Vasilia Vaxevani welcomed us with positive energy and guided us to be the future storytellers while confiding their deepest secrets…

The Impact Hub Athens, part of 60 Impact Hubs around the world, is a community of people sharing principles, ideas and a common vision for the world. Athens Hub opened its doors in July 2013. If you start a social entrepreneurship initiative and you want to make an important social impact, you can be part of Impact Hub Athens, the first local network  in Greece connecting the world!

As for sharing insights about life, it can be truly valuable and  beneath every personality there is  always hidden a vivid world of interesting stories waiting to be told.

Defining ”storytelling” we have to mention that the ”myth” is a combination of Explanation+Meaning+Story or as it was said once ”they are the vehicles  of culture”.

Being a storyteller though, means being actually heard but also being a good listener too.

However, is there a formula of making a good story?  Many of us may believe that when you want to produce art requires a specific skill. Anyone can make a story , but how        competitive and unique will it be,this, will be based on what tools you use, how imagination you can  put  on, how the connection of your ”images” will play a magic performance and at last  how you will try to transmit your thoughts and emotions to your audience.

The 5 main principles of storytelling

  1. Point of view: What is the main point of the story and what is the perspective of the author?
  2. A dramatic question: A key question that keeps the viewer’s attention and will be answered by the end of the story.
  3. Emotional content : In a personal and powerful way connecting the story to the audienc
  4. The power of the sounds that support and embellish the storyline.
  5. Pacing The rhythm of the story
  6. Brand storytelling: speak truthfully, infuse personalities into stories and create characters your audience will root for.

In 21st century technology is helping us make a new type of connection with customers. Being for example a digital marketer in our time, where every day you are challenged to create an attractive content with online-offline tools and get informed by  the countless social media platforms, it is really hard to be one of a kind.

Despite the current emphasis on multimedia technology, digital storytelling is not a new idea. Joe Lambert and the late Dana Atchley helped create the digital storytelling movement in the late 1980s as cofounders of the Center for Digital Storytelling (CDS), a community arts organization in Berkeley, California.

All in all, personal narratives can touch viewers so deeply that could make them reflect on their own experiences, have a greater compassion, speak about their matters considering personal stories-emotions or even being extrovert and communicate differently. Have in mind your own dreams about the future, thoughts about building a better personality  but mainly keep alive your moments through magic stories.

We remind you  the phrase that  was said once by the great Greek philosopher Plato,

”Those who tell stories rule the  society…”

What do you think? Let’s wake up and start saying  ”Once upon a time I…..”

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