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Athens StartupDigest
Life is too short to work at a boring company.

Welcome to this week’s Startup Digest bringing you the top startup and tech events in and around Athens. Athens hosted a massive Startup Weekend this past weekend attended by over 160(+) people. It was an amazing venue and excellent collaboration between local organisers LydiaGiannisDimitri,Spiros and Stavros and wonderful sponsors led by MicrosoftTravelPlanet24 and AKTO among others (check them out here). Three winners emerged, FR8 (freight handling), Matteti (personalised childrens products) and Zombot (Zombies and Aliens game) but all teams had exceptional ideas and worked very hard during the weekend. One team worked especially hard and that was the Glovo Volunteers team who provided immense help to the organisers. You may know that Glovo is a Startup Weekend Startup that emerged out of last years Startup Weekend University event held in Athens proving that starting up is good but carrying on is best!

Featured Startup: Pinobo – This team had entered the Windows Startup Challenge and had brought a half baked idea to Startup Weekend but had already achieved so much before Friday that put them far ahead of the competition but they are so good that they have earned a well earned mention here! They describe their idea best, ” With Pinobo you can Collect anything, anything you like and pin it on your board either it’s a pic, a social news feed, your favorite YouTube video and much more! But most importantly, you can Decorate your board as you would do with your own corkboard at home, without any barriers…And when you’re done, you can Share it with your friends or you can keep it for yourself!”

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Και για Κύπρο!

Cyprus StartupDigest
Life is too short to work at a boring company.

Hello everyone! This week promises to be a hot one in the startup arena! Plan well. Standing
out I must admit a personal favorite, the Open Coffee Cyprus meetup in Limassol! Sea, Sun and
Startups! I don’t know about you, but just the theme inspires me!

Be sure to attend the introduction to the two Entrepreneurship Competitions, The MESUP
Entrepreneurship Competition and the 10th Cyprus Entrepreneurship Competition. No need to
make a decision here, the organizers have thought of it and are organizing a combined event at
the same place and time!

The public consultation for the Horizon 2020 Entrepreneurial Innovation Programs is rounding
up. Check out the comprehensive list of proposed programs in the pdf ΠΡΟTAΣΕΙΣ-Δημόσια
Διαβούλευση για Προγράμματα Επιχειρηματικής- ΤΕΛΙΚΟ.pdf

Till next week Be part of the change. #Startup Cyprus.

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