Owiwi: Unique Assessment Experience

    Από: Startup Team
πηγή: entre.gr

Owiwi is a SaaS provider shaping the future of talent recruitment through the power of serious gaming. We help fast-growing companies find the best talent for any position. With our revolutionary Assessment Tool, we aim to replace old and unsophisticated means of assessment with exciting and fun serious games which “unlock” candidate profiles and provide valuable insight to hiring managers.

A truly unique value proposition, Owiwi is a hiring director’s best friend. We save businesses time and money by helping them find the right talent for the right roles in a way that’s quick, efficient and fun.

Σε ποιούς απευθύνεστε και τι όφελος μπορούν να έχουν?

Whether you are a Start-up, a Small or Medium sized Business or even a large Multinational, we have you covered! Our Assessment Tool can help you make better hiring decisions and minimize the risk of a bad hire which can cost you upwards of 37,000 Euros. By using our tool, you can expect to see a faster time-to-hire with improved productivity and increased brand recognition, allowing you to reach out to the next generation labor force…Millennials. Do you want to be ahead of the curve? Then look no further! Owiwi is here to level up your recruitment process!

Που βασίζεται η επιτυχία της ιδέας της επιχείρησης?

Tired of the same old boring assessment tools with reports that are overly complicated and provide no real value to the employer? Dont worry, because Owiwi has the solution for you. By combining the latest research in Organizational Psychology, Psychometrics, Neuroscience and the ever expanding industry of video games; we have created a revolutionary assessment tool that measures candidates Soft Skills. Doing so, gives recruiters the opportunity to make informed decisions in regards to a potential hire by providing them with information that would otherwise be inaccessible by any other tool. Giving you the confidence to make better selection decisions and making your life easy, and your boss happy

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