Why Chrome Extensions Are A Must

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Growth Hacking is all about the mindset and the process behind how you do things. Being a growth hacker isn’t an easy duty, whether you’re trying to find your startup’s traction channels, optimizing your B2B funnel, your eCommerce store or even if you’re just outreaching for guest blogging opportunities and organizing a webinar.

I can’t even imagine what my daily routine would be like without any tool or chrome extension. Since my colleagues always make fun of me about this addiction of mine and I’ve already covered the tools I use in a previous article, I thought that it would be great to lay down a list of all the chrome extensions I use – almost on a daily basis, in order to unlock growth.


So in this post you’ll get to know chrome extensions for:


  1. Block Yourself From Analytics
    This chrome extension is extremely useful.This ensures that you don’t mess up your analytics’ data every time you decide to get back to your landing page to see if everything works as it’s supposed to do – or just to check again that amazing modal you developed.
  2. Page Analytics (by Google)
    Want to have a peek on how users interact with your website? The Page Analytics Chrome Extension permits you to see what they click and what they don’t. Use that information to optimize your website design, improve UX, and increase your conversions. Get the Pageviews, Unique Pageviews, Avg time on page, Bounce Rate, Exit Rate and Number of active visitors, in real-time
    You can use the Google Analytics date comparison and segmentation tools directly in the extension. You can use this chrome extension for every page you’re already tracking on Google Analytics.

Content Creation

  1. Grammarly
    Now you can write clearly and with certainty on WordPress, Gmail, and nearly anywhere else on the Web- including social media. With this Chrome extension, you can always be confident that your writing is fluent, avoiding embarrassing moments (like comments trolling the hell out of your authorship- people are mean).
    The #chromeextensions For #ContentMarketing that could save your life
  2. Search in a Giphy
    Who doesn’t love GIFs? Typically, they’re funny and give the opportunity to express more by saying less. More importantly, people adore to share them. So, why not include some pretty accurate GIFs in your blog posts? This chrome extension brings the power of GIF search in you hands.
  3. Share As Image Extension
    With The Share As Image Chrome extension you can either highlight a text from anywhere on the web and trun it in an image or just work the other way. Right-click any image on the web and add a text of you choice.
    #ChromeExtensions ROCK!
    The #chromeextensions For #ContentMarketing that could save your life
  4. Nimbus Screenshot
    I often include screenshots in my posts as proof that something works- or goes totally wrong. Whatever the case having a chrome extension like Nimbus Screenshot is handy. Instead of ‘prt sc’ and then editing, Nimbus gives you the option to capture selected parts of a web page or capture the whole thing (in an unfolded style.) It also works in LocalHost mode -”Sorry Awesome Screenshot”!
  5. StumbleUpon
    Aw StumbleUpon! I love you. And probably you should love it to. This chrome extension helps me find content I’m really interested in, thus makes me write better content. The cool thing is that it learns what you like and as the time passes, results get even better. An absolute must for creating and curating content.

Growth Engineering

  1. BuildWith
    I’m not a developer. That doesn’t mean I won’t have a word on the technologies we use at our landing pages. If I see something great, I want it for myself and in order to get it, I should be able to describe it to a developer. That’s where this chrome extension comes in. By just hitting the extension button, you get access to the technology any website uses, front and back end.The #chromeextensions For #growthhacking that could save your life
  2. CSSViewer
    Being a growth hacker, means being quick. I can’t afford to use resources just for an experiment’s landing page. I have to build it on my own. CSSViewer gives me what I want- The way to build a “subscribe” button, exactly as the one from a high converting landing page; Effortless and quick.
    The #chromeextensions For #growthhacking that could save your life
  3. Window Resizer
    Have you heard the saying: “Go mobile or go home”? Well, this chrome extension will keep you out of ‘home’. You can test how your websites or landing pages look like in different browser and screen resolutions, from desktop to mobile and tablet.
  4. UnCache
    The UnCache chrome extension does exactly what its name claims. It cleans up your browser’s cache by just clicking a button. If you’re constantly updating a landing page and ask your colleagues to give it a look, using the UnCache chrome extension ensures that they view the newest version of what you’re building. Note: it clears only the cache considering the specific domain.
  5. User-Agent Switcher for Chrome
    I’ve previously mentioned that cross-browser testing your websites can really save you. Although this chrome extension doesn’t perform as a web app equivalent,  it can give you an insight on how your page looks like on other browsers. From there you can go deeper…. For the rest article visit Growth Rocks
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