Health 2.0 Athens

    Από: Startup Team

How can software drastically improve a key diagnostic procedure? What does that list of ingredients really mean? How will digital health facilitate medical tourism? What can a mobile app do to watch over your wellbeing?

Join us for this Health 2.0 meetup taking place during Startup Safary on Saturday 19/11!

At this FREE event you can hear from 4 entrepreneurs as they present their companies, their solutions and their challenges.
Afterwards, stay for the networking session to connect with people passionate about the intersection of health & technology!

  • Vitabroad & health tourism: introduction & challenges, Katerina Exakoustidou
    Vitabroad is a full service facilitator for medical tourism in Greece. We create personalized medical travel plans for international patients seeking treatment in Greece. We are currently developing an application specifically tailored to dental tourism.
  • Ingredio – A mobile app that identifies toxicity in food and cosmetics products, Zoe Cournia
    We believe that a healthy lifestyle can be maintained if know what we eat and what we put onto our skin. Ingredio is a mobile application, with which a user can take a picture of the ingredients of a cosmetics or food product, and within seconds they can be informed about its safety based on EU databases. Our application informs the growing share of consumers, who want to know what is contained in products they use daily. We aim to protect human health and the environment and raise awareness towards a world free of dangerous chemicals.
  • Advantis: Re-introducing brain MR imaging, Zoi Giavri
    Advantis offers a highly sophisticated, web-based and user friendly post-processing software suite named “Brainance”,  for the processing of three different brain MRI exams: Diffusion, Perfusion and Functional MRI. The in house developed algorithms implemented in Brainance achieve extremely high accuracy rates (90%) in the 3D reconstruction of the brain’s nerve fibers, assisting the physician to achieve a more timely and accurate diagnosis of severe chronic diseases.
  • WOVER: the intelligent way to address personal emergencies, Stavros Schizas
    Personal emergencies are rare and we are not well equipped to address them. They can have dire consequences for the individuals involved and negative ripple effects for the society at large. WOVER is a powerful artificial intelligence platform that uses contextual data to detect personal emergencies, even before they happen, and help individuals or groups address them efficiently and effectively, thus maintaining peace of mind and minimising situational impact.