Monday Syndrome is the hidden power behind most CV’s created

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Online free CV creating site’s latest infographic points out interesting facts & figures about job searching and job seekers. More than 150.000 people created CV’s in matter of weeks by this free and online resume creating tool Cvlogin and it’s getting quite popular.

Monday is the day most CV’s are created and most people who create CV’s were men according to Cvlogin. People of 18-34 ages create more CV’s than any other age group and the least interested group in CV creating are  primary school graduates and PhD level academics.

First thing on a Monday morning is create a CV

Monday is the most popular day when it comes to creating CV’s, specially Monday mornings are the busiest hours on  Monday syndrome seems to remind the possibility of better jobs to people and do something about it by creating a CV.

Who is looking for a job?

Monday Syndrome is the hidden power behind most CV’s created

67 percent of the job seekers who created CV’s online, were men and %33 were women. Most CV’s are created by young adults aged between 18-24. Only 19 percent of the job seekers are 35 years old or older.  Bachelors degree is the most common education level among job seekers.

14 minutes: How long it takes to create a CV

Importing your relevant information from your social accounts like Facebook and Linkedin saves big time and 67,8 percent of the visitors preferred to use this option. Facebook was more popular than Linkedin by %34,8 since Linkedin was preferred by %29,2 of those who transferred their information to their CV’s. Average time spent on creating a CV was just 14 minutes.

At least 3 extra files

Even if you create an online CV, you can always add crucial documents to present your qualifications. On average 3 other documents were added to CV’s created on Cvlogin.  99,5 percent of the CV’s had an e-mail address on them and more than half of the CV’s contained a picture of the job seeker.

About Cvlogin:

Cvlogin has a goal of helping everyone to create easy to read, beautiful and professional CV’s effortlessly. Cvlogin is absolutely free and it’s simplistic, one-click design enables users to create beautiful, professional CV’s in minutes.  CV’s can be downloaded as PDF files or shared as open or password protected links. Relevant information can be imported from Facebook and social accounts. Cvlogin is available in Turkish, English and Deutsch, more languages will be coming very soon.  Please visit

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Monday Syndrome is the hidden power behind most CV’s created