New Diploma: “Negotiations and Conflict Management in the Workplace”

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You are no stranger to negotiations!

During your MBA journey, you had the opportunity to learn about the practices, challenges and philosophy of negotiations. You came to realize that an effective negotiator needs to engage in a continuous cycle of practice, analysis, intellectual stimulation and further practice, in order to solidify his/her experience and translate it into proprietary knowledge.

In collaboration with ALBA Executive Development, our Negotiations professor, Dr. Seraphim Voliotis, has developed a new Diploma in Negotiations and Conflict Management in the Workplace, which consists of three learning seminars:

As an ALBA MBA alumni, you are required to attend only the 2nd and 3rd Seminar to obtain the Diploma and you can enjoy a special 30% alumni discount on the seminars’ fees.

New Diploma:

Now is the time to enhance your knowledge and take your negotiating skills to the next level!

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