VentureFriends Office Hours: Meet the VF team every 3rd Thursday of a month

    Από: Startup Team

Hello to all!

I guess the title is pretty self-explanatory but let us elaborate a little bit 😉


We always enjoy meeting new interesting people, exchanging ideas and despite our limited time we also want to give back and offer our help. This is why we decided to hold office hours in order to have the chance for a brief sit-down of 20–30 min with people interested in startups and who might not be actively fundraising or have not even started their own company. The idea here is our visitors to set the agenda, sit down and pick each other’s brains. 🙂


In our offices, after all it is called “office” hours 🙂


Every 3rd Thursday of each month for 100 min (i.e. 5 slots of 20min each)

How (to book a slot):

Please follow this link and provide an agenda with 3–4 points that you would like to discuss. There are no limitations in discussion topics but startup/business topics will for sure make better use of yours and our time 😉

We anticipate to have more than 5 requests each month, so the process will be strictly on a first-come, first-served basis. Once you submit the typeform, you will be notified if you have been assigned a time-slot and what are the options. Finally, please note that the process will reset at the end of each month so, for each month we will be only considering requests received by us after the 1st day of that month. Also please make sure to follow our Facebookmediumtwitter profile for any updates about the process.

Looking forward to seeing you all!