Rezos Brands in pursuit of top European innovation distinction

    Από: Startup Team

Rezos Brands’ pursuit of pan-European innovation distinction enters its 3rd and final phase of the European Union funded KATANA project, supporting European SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) in the agri-food supply chain.

The “Hippocrates Farm” business project, by Rezos Brands, is all about developing natural, healthy products based on organic sea buckthorn that is cultivated in the homonymous agro-touristic farm in Meteora and aims to highlighting sea buckthorn as a topmost Greek superfood, with unique beneficial qualities for the body and mind.

Following the Hippocrates Farm ranking in the top 10 European Agri-food business proposals (out of 640 from across Europe) within European Union’s KATANA project, Rezos Brands is now chasing the first position in Europe, through KATANAs crowd funding platform, aiming to attract supporters and raise funds for Research and Development of new innovative products, along with the establishment of pan-European sales networks.

The KATANA crowd funding platform will remain active until 31.12.2017. Until then, those who are interested, can be informed in detail on the Hippocrates Farm project and actively declare their support to the Rezos Brands effort to the following link:

Hippocrates Farm means supporting innovation and healthy entrepreneurship. But above all, it means supporting Greece itself, which under adverse conditions attempts to strengthen its position in the European business landscape, offering unique, innovative products of global interest.

Hippocrates Farm Project