Uludağ Economy Summit 2018

    Από: Startup Team

Uludağ Economy Summit, the largest business and economics gathering of the region, will host a major Startup Contest in 2018. We expect entrepreneurs from Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the region in addition to those from Turkey to take part in the contest which will be held in cooperation with Galata Business Angels and Endeavor. We invite those who wish to present their ventures in front of the most prominent business angels and startup-friendly leaders of Turkey and attract investments for them to Uludağ to win the grand prize.

After compiling a short list of applicants with the participation of Galata Business Angels, we will invite the top 10 entrepreneurs who will be selected by interviews to Uludağ Economy Summit. The “top 3″ will be selected and entrepreneurs will try to attract investments for their businesses according to presentations to be given in front of leaders that will include Galata Business Angels investors, Endeavor members, and the speakers of the Summit.

If you wish to participate in this major event, please fill out the form prepared by Galata Business Angels and apply immediately so as to take a big step for the development of your business.

Good luck! Capital and Ekonomist Magazines