WTFL Start-Up Innovation Camp 2018 application is open until 30 June

    Από: Startup Team

For  the  third  time,  start-ups  have  the  chance  to  apply  for  the WTFL  Start-Up  Innovation  Camp  and  win  15’000  USD  cash  award.  Application is open until 30 June.


World  Tourism  Forum  Lucerne  is  searching  for  the  most  innovative  business  models in travel,  tourism  and  hospitality  industry  from  around  the  world.  Start-ups  can  apply  to five  different  categories:  transaction,  hospitality,  destination,  transport,  and  impact.  The best  start-ups  of  each  category  will  be  pre-selected  by  the  jury  and  invited  to  WTFL Start-Up Innovation  Camp  2018 that  will  take  place  in  Langkawi,  Malaysia  on  12 September  2018,  integrated  in  PATA  Travel  Mart  2018  (12-14  September).  Start-up finalists will pitch their business in front of international investors and industry executives. Each category will get a winner, who will be rewarded with “5 Minutes of Fame” in front of high-ranking   inter-national   audience   of   PATA   Travel   Mart   2018,   a   2-year   coaching programme, and 15’000 USD cash award.

WTFL Start-Up Innovation Camp is a great opportunity for young entrepreneurs to establish contacts,   receive   deep   industry   know-how   and   advice   from   top   experts   in   travel, tourism   and   hospitality   sector.   Besides,   the   Camp   offers   investors   and   industry executives the chance to meet the most innovative start-ups from around the world, get an insight into the best ideas of the future and push innovation to the next level.


Who May Apply?

Any individual or a group with a company that meets the following criteria:


  • Start-Up is younger than 5 years
  • Start-Up has an existing product and first sales
  • Start-Up  has an international  vision  and  ambition  or  create  a  big  impact  in  their region
  • Start-Up fits into one of the following categories:


Booking-platforms, inspiration-sites,  travel  content,  anything  connected  to  „before travel“


Local attractions and new destination-concepts


Hotels, vacation rental, anything connected to the topic „accommodation“


Smart transportation concepts on air, sea, ground


Eco-Travel, Community-Tourism, anything which has a positive impact on people, environment or peace by tourism


To access the application form, please visit our website