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Hi, I’m Stavros – I’m the founder of CampusBus – CampusBus is an entrepreneurial activation project we’ve been running in Greece for a while now.

Maria and I are founders of The Cube, Greece’s biggest coworking space and business incubator – we see a lot of awesome people come though our ecosystem, they’re building businesses, taking care of themselves, solving problems for the world, generating jobs, generating income ánd generally being good citizens.

About a year ago, we were asked by some of our sponsors and supporters to extend our works impact beyond Greece’s capital, Athens – So, we decided to rent a bus and take a few good trainers on a journey throughout Greece, going from village to village, from town to town – teaching people about entrepreneurship, about finance, about modern marketing, about new technologies and about good citizenship. We showed case studies of great businesses and how some people used the comparative advantages of their area they lived in to generate businesses. We visited 12 towns and cities over a 5 month period, we impacted over 2000 people and the results were great. These people had very little regarding entrepreneurship being offered in their areas and we did our bit to push them a little along their entrepreneurial journey.

We’d like to do more of this work in the following months and we’re asking you for your support to get it done.

We’re raising money through Indiegogo to fund the next round of our journey – The money you pledge will go toward covering hiring of a bus, travel expenses for our trainers, educational materials and of course, covering the expense of hiring our trainers again.

We believe entrepreneurship can be the single most impactful answer to Greece’s problems right now. We need people to create jobs, to create their way out of this crisis – to do this, we need to help them discover their greatness, their potential and the potential of their geographical areas.

Any amount you can pledge will be put to good use to the benefit of Greek entrepreneurs beyond the main cities – any amount, no matter how small will help us achieve our goal.

If you believe, as we do, that people have the potential to make their own impact, then please join us in our mission and contribute to this campaign. We promise it willbe impactful.

After you contribute, please share this campaign with your friends and family or with other entrepreneurs who have made their impact. Everything counts.

Help us make more impact in Greece.

Thank you

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Support CampusBus - Entrepreneurial education on a bus, we create new entrepreneurs, from village to village