#metavallonUS2014 – The Silicon Valley Gateway to Startup Growth

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A stroll down Castro Street in downtown Mountain View and a stop at Red Rock café, only a few minutes walk fromGooglePlex and LinkedIn HQ – this is just one of the numerous vibrant hangout places in Silicon Valley, that offer a completely relaxed atmosphere, fresh coffee, tasty food, and carefully curated music. Not surprisingly, it is the ideal place to mix and mingle with some of the world’s most engaging startup founders, tech enthusiasts, and hacking aficionados. Yes, this is the heart of Silicon Valley, the ultimate September destination for 5 Greek startup founders from The Accelerator.

Looking to hone their skills and meet some amazing people that will help them shape their businesses, our founders are about to immerse themselves in a community driven by inspiring projects, fast execution, and a global perspective!

A month full of new ideas and learnings

For a third consecutive year, Metavallon teams will visit startup hotspots in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Antonis Argyros of liateR, Ioannis Chatzigiannakis of Sensorflare, Yiannis Mavraganis of AfterSearch, John Pagonis and Maria Kolitsida of Missum are among our select participans in The Accelerator, Metavallon’s acceleration and investment program for early stage startups. As part of this program, they will now travel to Silicon Valley for one month with a sound and clear purpose: To become familiar with the vibrant startup community there, to engage with the mentality of genuine innovation, and to take part in important events. As part of their trip, they will also meet with foremost people (investors, experienced entrepreneurs, corporations) to discuss with and receive feedback from. In other words they will broaden their networks and strengthen their position and potential for growth.

“Ι am thrilled to be visiting Silicon Valley and diving in the ecosystem there. I know we have a lot to learn and I am really looking forward to the leap forward. I have made arrangements to meet with 8 investors and entrepreneurs willing to provide useful advice and feedback for my startups” said Antonis, founder of liateR.

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