Pusher pulls in $2.5M to push live web and app content everywhere

    Από: Startup Team
πηγή: feedproxy.google.com

London-based Pusher, the company powering The NY Times’ live election results and DraftKing’s fantasy scoring results, just raised $2.5 million to up its stakes further. The money came from SaaS Capital, which focuses on debt financing aimed at the Software as a Service (SaaS) space.

The company has seen strong organic growth so far, with more than 100,000 developers using Pusher to deliver content to their customers. It built a profitable business after raisinga modest seed round in 2011. The company claims it is profitable, and has earmarked the funding for product development and marketing.

“We reached product-market fit organically,” says Jordan Quigley-Jones, Pusher’s product manager. “Last year we began building our enterprise salesforce and we have seen rapid expansion of our commercial growth, so we will invest further in building a sales and marketing team to execute on this growth.”

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