Your easy access to Austria!

Το παρακάτω κείμενο που ακολουθεί είναι στα αγγλικά και αφορά εκδήλωση που πραγματοποιήθηκε που αφορούσε ελληνικές τεχνολογικές εταιρίες και startups και την “εύκολη πρόσβαση” στην Αυστρία.

On the 22nd of September, the Commercial Section of the Austrian Embassy in Athens ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA co-organised a meet & greet together with the AUSTRIAN BUSINESS AGENCY (ABA), the VIENNA BUSINESS AGENCY and PLPG GmbH | INNO PRO.

The event headlined as “Your easy access to Austria” welcomed selected Greek tech-businesses and start-ups interested in expanding to the DACH-region, at the Athens Business Center of Berlin Packaging Greece.

Aiming to familiarize the participants with the many significant advantages of accessing the Austrian market, the entire event was carried out in the light of future potential economic ties between the two countries.

In addition to Austria’s stability and security, it was also the role of its capital Vienna as the repeatedly elected most liveable city in the world that was emphasised.

The event was honored with the opening remarks by the Austrian Ambassador to the Hellenic Republic, H.E. Ms. Hermine Poppeller.

The Austrian Trade Commissioner Mr. Christoph Sturm stated that “Austrian exports to Greece will come close to a new record level of 800 million euros within the next couple of years. On the services side we have half a million Austrian tourists in Greece every year. But when it comes to our bilateral foreign direct investments, we are both ways on traditionally low levels. Greek FDI’s to Austria are even considered confidential, since they are in total less than four – we are here to fix this problem today”.

Ms. Gerlinde Gahleitner, director of south-eastern Europe & UK at ABA raised awareness for the

”innovative business location – at the heart of Europe and the opportunities for greek companies” while Mr. Nicolai Rodimov, Regional Manager, International Business from the Vienna Business Agency convinced the audience that by talking “the most liveable city in the world, you essentially talk business”.

Finally, Mr. Petros Pyloridis, CEO and Founder of PLPG GmbH | Inno Pro Austria encouraged the young greek entrepreneurs, business partners and friends of Austria, to follow his lead and to “progress locally and promote globally” with a business base in Vienna.