View from my window: Facebook Group, όπου ο κόσμος μοιράζεται φωτογραφίες εν μέσω καραντίνας

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View from my window: Ένα γκρουπ στο Facebook που μέχρι στιγμής αριθμεί πάνω από 1,4 εκατ. μέλη. Κάθε μέλος μοιράζεται μια φωτογραφία από τη θέα που έχει από το παράθυρό του.

Κείμενο από το ίδιο το Group:

This group has been created to connect people from all around the World during these tough times. #stayhome: CORONAVIRUS Lockdown obliges us to stay home.
Every day, through our windows, we have the same view. Take a photo! only one.
LET’S SHARE IT! Should you see the rooftop of your town, overview a parc, your tiny garden, see buildings, the ocean or a tiny street, our idea is for you to share the atmosphere of your daily Life, from BEHIND YOUR WINDOW, where you live during Covid19 lockdown.

The project “View from my window”, which was launched by Barbara Duriau on the 22 March, is a non-profit group, with the collaboration of volunteers.


  • Today: post one picture of the view from your window (only one – forever)
    Add as comment: START with First name / initial of your last name / town / country / time the picture was taken. IN THE FIRST LINE
    Amsterdam / The Netherlands / 9:34am
  • Tomorrow: each day the cover photo will be updated by one photo of another member.