Athens-based startup, supported by egg, looking Full Stack Lead Hardware Engineer

    Από: Startup Team

A new Athens-based start-up (supported by egg incubator) is offering the opportunity for a Hardware Engineer to help us develop innovative Internet of Things (IoT) paper-based applications and build a company that will revolutionize the Print Industry (publishing, advertising, packaging etc.). Our technology is addressed to the international market, is world-wide recognized as a pioneer in its field and used on the emerging high-growth field of Printed Electronics.

Provisional website:

Provisional Demo Video:


  • Experience in designing application-specific embedded solutions using low-power/embedded off-the-shelf components (e.g. ARMv7/8, ATMEL), human-computer interaction sensors (e.g capacitative) and rich connectivity (e.g. Bluetooth, WiFi, RFID).
  • Experience and willingness to experiment with efficient integration of designs onto special purpose, small scale/layer printed circuit boards.
  • Experience in developing accompanying drivers/firmware to integrate the solution at software level.
  • Desire and leadership in transforming the solution with readiness to act as a full-fledged IoT (Internet of Things) endpoint, aiming at analytics and artificial intelligence plays further down the roadmap.
  • Familiarity with touch sensors, conductive inks and Printed Electronics on flexible substrates is a plus.
  • Post-graduate degree in the above fields is a plus.
  • Curious to experiment and learn new technologies (e.g. conductive inks).
  • Long-term dedication, strong work ethics and aspiration to become pioneer in this emerging field.

What we offer:

  • Share options in the new company plus a negotiable salary.
  • Flexible working hours according to your availability or studies.
  • We believe in constant innovation and creativity – you will be able to devote 20% of your time to work on your ideas and other projects.
  • Opportunity to become a pioneer in the emerging field of Printed Electronics working within a multidisciplinary team of illustrators, industrial, graphic and interaction designers.